Who needs fibre when you've got Happy.fm? 

Back in the day, happy.fm was created to share pretty much anything. Except diseases. Now, it has been reinvented (and it's mutating into something really weird). 

Today, happy.fm is a catchy site, with over 59 million hits a day. Okay, bit of an exaggeration. It's somewhere between 10 and 20,000 hits (As in ten to 20,000).

Offering you content farfetched from around the world, happy.fm's Al Larrikan and his team tell it like it is. Candidly, in a no holds barred over the back fence manner.


Delivering hard-hitting chats, and catching a deeper understanding of what's going on in your neighbourhood. Behind your back and in the cupboard.

Just one article a day... gives the pelvic floor an incredible workout...”

This is the cheese you need to cope with this high pressure "What-time-is-it? Where-am-I? How-long-have-I-been-unconscious?" World.

Not tied to any news agency, other than the one down the street (shame their magazine section sucks), Al and his compromising team provide you with colorfully courageous editorial. On the page. Left to right.

In curvy writing.

Just one article a day lowers blood pressure, gives the pelvic floor a workout, and uncurls even the tensest of toes. 

happy.fm - sometimes, you just got to laugh.

It's tough being a confused monkey.

It's tough being a confused monkey.