The Greatest List of Comedy Sites On The Web

Need more comedy sites? Have a look at these and see what you think.

All about English translations going horribly wrong. is a wonderful place to take a picnic basket and blanket. Then, after admiring the sites, go for a wander around and explore.

Famous for taking off anything and having famous foreigners believe it’s a credible news source. What can I say? It’s an onion. Take a close look at it and chances are you’re going to cry. Maybe even in a nice way.

Launched by three guys called Will Ferrell (yep, never heard of him either), Chris Henchy, and Adam McKay, Funny or Die is mostly about video clips. Using the hanging judge principal, people get to vote on which clips deserve to be put out of their misery. Shocking. Well, not really. But it is good and could even be part of your breakfast routine if you don’t eat well.

This site simply had to be born because autocorrects are so funny. Go here and relieve your own embarrassing moments. If you’re into stupid, you will never have a spare moment again. Thanks to bloody autocorrect.

Trouble with this site is that it is all way too believable, which is kind of shocking. Really, they ought to retitle their site, “Literally Believable”. Only, that has as much pulling power as my neighbour’s poodle Fifi. So, forget that. Anyway, you should make sure to share this site with anyone who believes in the wisdom of crowds.

Alternative news site with all the credentials of a senior politician caught in a bunga bunga party with a few spare bottles of urine in his briefcase. Given eBaumsWorld has been around since Old Mate was a spring chicken, it has a tradition as long as your arm in taking spare bottles of urine from senior politicians (Note: the Onion does this too and I understand it has its own bottle collection).

Basically shows what’s wrong with the Internet through GIFs and stuff. Don’t go there. You’ll probably laugh. Probably see some stuff you forgot about years ago. Probably see someone you know. Probably be embarrassed seeing something you posted way back that has now made you the laughing stock of the county, even though you didn’t know.

Thanks to Cheezburger, animals actually get a say in life. Somewhere in the Universe superior life forms that look like cats will spare our planet. And it’s all thanks to Cheezburger. If you appreciate the unending wisdom of critters caught in compromising positions, this site is your home.

In a way, Autocorrect and Walls have something in common. Though, I can’t remember what that is. Anyway, go and see this site and reflect on the errors of your ways (Like when you scribbled that bit of naughty on the wall at school. Shame on you).

Based on all those cringeworthy shots your family has gathered over the years. Well, not just your family. That would be weird, wouldn’t it? Imagine going to the Awkward Family Photos site and just seeing weird pics from your family. Be strange. Then, you’d start wondering how they even got those shots. Whatever. See it for yourself.

Blinkin’ heck! Clearly, this is the refuge of fathers everywhere scrounging for Dad Jokes. You’ll cry. You’ll wince. Heck, you’ll even laugh. And that’s just at the thought of going to Check ‘em out. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Oh come on! What is it with these guys? They started out back in the day, competing with Mad magazine. Then, when their own magazine folded… (ahem), they kept up the problem on their Cracked website. Given it started in 1958, these guys must be about 80+ years old by now. Guess that gives them full licence to tell some very old jokes. Though, have to say, Cracked is still as fresh a daisy (couldn’t find any stale ones on their site – but will keep looking).

Don't let the drab look of this site fool you. Humorfeed has depth. In fact you could dive in and disappear for years only to resurface in rags and looking emaciated. Recommended for people who like their coffee without whipped cream on top.

Humor. Politics. Power. These guys give The Onion a good run for their money. If you're into American satire with political appeal you need to be reading this.

British comedy news site. So less for laughing & more for reading. For those who want to know what British comedians are getting up to.

Comedy site with a focus on the content of real comedians. I've tried biting the side of this site and I can see it's the real thing (sorry, Coke).

Not to be believed indeed! Petard is the kind of site that you can read at work when nobody is looking and pretend it’s the news. If you like spoof all over the places, then you’ll like Petard. If your breakfast cereal lacks a little novelty in the box, then get it reading Petard instead.

Offering you sketch comedy videos galore on YouTube, Smosh proves there is more to see on the Web than cats. Well, a bit (after all, cats are pretty good). Hosts, Ian Hecox and Daniel Padilla have always wanted to be famous (even in the crib) and now they’ve done it.

Those crazy uni-edge blog guys. What can you say? After disappearing for 18 months, they’re back at it again. Kind of low key and very small scale (But heck they’re busy studying!), this nichy-niche blog has YOU in mind… if you happen to be American… and a university student...

The guys of Confounding Variable prove that science isn’t all lab coats and serious calculations. If you have a scientific bent or are a just a bent scientist, Confounding Variable will make you smile in ways non-scientists cannot possibly comprehend. See this site for yourself and find out why satire, parody, and just being comedic in a scientific way could help save the Universe. Or not.

Mostly funny videos, Something To Laugh At offers a familiar diet of fails, pranks, and lame insta-comedians. If you're into this kind of thing, Something To Laugh At will warm the cockles of your laughing heart. Bit sick isn't it?

News, lists, quizzes, videos, polls, pics. Worst things to do while drunk, dumbass, cats. that sort of thing. In spades.

Ireland’s answer to The Onion, Waterford Whispers has all the good feel of The Petard and none of the calories. With articles like, “Shock as Dublin Rental Found to be Entirely Made From Lego”, Waterford Whispers offers original content that’s well worth a read, whether you’re in Ireland or not.

Given this site rips a whole lot of familiar clips to sell ecards with your face inserted, it’s not really a comedy site. Still, some people will find it funny.

Self-rated as the greatest satire site in the Galaxy, Daily Soak makes the news so you don’t have to. With articles like, “Groundhog Day 2018: Punxsutawney Phil Sees Bill Murray’s Shadow! Another Six Weeks Of Groundhog Day” you’ve got the idea. (Note: Daily Soak is not recommended as an alternative to regular baths or showering).

Comedy Central has a bit of everything to keep you happy. Certainly worth a look. But… click on the videos and you’ll get “Find your TV provider and then sign in with your username and password.”
You’re kidding, right? Watching videos requires signing up? So, while I want to like this site, it has been well and truly gelded. And that’s not funny.

Another site owned by Comedy Central. It looks good, but it blocks people outside the US from watching the content (which kind of goes against the grain of the Internet as a place to share ideas and enjoy comedy). Not recommended for the rest of the planet.

News site and more for comedians, with a round up of what's happening in the US comedian scene.

Offering original video content and a bit more, I’d like to know more about the guy who runs this site. Only, he doesn’t tell us. But maybe you’ll find out more than I did.

News, features, interviews, stand-up, podcasts, and events. US based, The Laugh Button is a newsy site about comedians making comedy. And unlike some, The Laugh Button is also accessible to a wider audience. So, if you like your comedy live or have a few favorite comedians you like to follow, give The Laugh Button the once over and see what you think.

Bit of false advertising as I couldn't find an Uber anywhere. Instead, they have videos, pictures, quotes, and random. Oh, and did I mention they have videos?

Self described as the German Corporate Comedian, Paco Erhard has found his niche. Think of it: a German comedian? Amazing! And Paco shows that, surprisingly, being German can be very funny. There are a few clips to watch but the site is mostly promo. Still, when you’re looking for something different, this guy might do the trick for your next function (but not the bodily ones).

Like comedians? Of course you do. And the Laugh Factory keeps you up to date on what they’re up to. Plus, they offer vids, jokes, and tickets for upcoming performances in Hollywood, Chicago, LA, Long Beach, and Reno. Even hire a comedian for that special event. Nice.

Filmsite by Tim Dirks is your handy list for comedy movies. Breaking them up into different genres like: slapstick, deadpan, and satire, Filmsite informs as it educates (and that’s a rare thing). As part of a giant site about movies across the board, it’s a handy reference for flicker fanciers want to know what the name of that film was. Or who starred next to Fatty Arbuckle. Well done, Tim!

Dump a Day has the kind of clips and pics the Web craves. You know the usual alligator-kissing-model-ridinga-motorcycle-while-eating-pizza-underwater stuff. See a lot of low paid animals have moved across from cheezburger to do more unpaid work here too…
If you’re at a loose end for an hour, Dump a Day will happily fill it in for you. How thoughtful.

Huffington Post is first and foremost a news site. Not a plant nursery or an ocean salvage company. So, no prizes for guessing what their comedy section offers. If it's fake news you want, the Huff comedy section has got it.

This site feels like a warehouse. Kind of empty and a little bit spooky. Hallo….? Echo…echo…echo…. But apart from a few broken links it does have a lot of jokes. Mostly of the longer kind. And the good thing is they’re categorized. So you should be able to find something to suit your nefarious schemes.

A UK site for people who love comedy and want to find out more about it", Sara says. And she includes news, interviews, gig info, pods, and discussion pieces and more. Thanks, Sara. Well done!

I was so shocked by Mens Humor because it actually is. Meaning, if you are a man or aiming to be one day check it out. And feel all manly in a funny kind of way. Oh and they promise to update you on news and videos straight from the comedic and tropical sectors.

“Probably the best site in the world” is their claim and who can argue that, given it has styled itself on gathering community content for years. Full of humor, video clips, chat forum content, and stuff that isn’t the slightest bit related to comedy, the Chive is what much like what The Blob was in the 1950s (Probably the best blob in the world).

"This is an unofficial parody and is not affiliated with, or endorsed or approved by, Facebook." Got that? Well that's all you need to know.

Sophy is, how can I put it, eccentric. When I emailed her the other day she wrote back with a huge, crazy reply and I knew straight away that she needs to be on this list.
Her blog is niche, and that’s a good thing. Because we all need a bit of crazy quirkiness in our life (as it keeps you regular and clears your nasal passages). Check out her blog and see what I mean.
Oh and tell her, Al sent you.

Actually ThoughtCo is an educational site. So the fact they have a comedy section is slightly bizarre. Which is already a good start. Theres’ web humor, memes, videos, political humor, paranormal, and social news. All the sort of stuff that shouldn’t be on an educational site. Well done.