Could Mark Zuckerberg Be… A Robot?

Could Mark Zuckerberg Be… A Robot?

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is a force to be reckoned with. Having over a billion users and more money than many individual nations, his power is jaw dropping.

But there’s something else. Something bizarre and extraordinary. Could it be out of the realm of possibility that the man we know as Mark Zuckerberg isn’t a man at all?  

Could it be out of the realm of possibility that the man we know as Mark Zuckerberg isn’t a man at all?

Recently, at a meeting with the creators of Instagram (which Zuckerberg bought back in 2012 for a billion dollars), Zuckerberg seemed uncannily mechanical.

Instagram founders, Mr Systrom – CEO & Mr Kriger – CTO, who stayed with Instagram under Facebook’s umbrella, were dumbfounded by the experience.  

Whilst Mr Zuckerberg has an unofficial reputation for being totally emotionless, and making strange electronic whirring sounds, his response to the Instagram founders even surprised them.  

Having entered the room with the distinct sound of electronic servomotors, the Facebook giant seemed to inexplicably stutter his movement. The effect caused him to sit down thirty-seven times at high speed.  Yet, amazingly, Zuckerberg seemed unperturbed by his jerky arrival.

Preferring his minders to speak for him, the Facebook leader sat expressionless, staring straight at the two men. Then, after a short time, he ended the meeting.  

Speaking in a deadpan, machine-like voice, Zuckerberg pronounced, “This is the last time I will be speaking with you.”

At that, he moved out of his seat, and people in the vicinity were struck by the strong odour of ozone left in the room. And, a sizeable patch of oil on his chair. 

Professor Hugh Richie of the Ope-u-chokie University has been studying cyborg and android technology for the past 20 years.

“Back in the late 80’s, people were still watching reruns of the Six Million Dollar Man, wondering if it was remotely possible. Today, speculation that the empire mogul of social media is cyborg or a fully functioning robot isn’t so far-fetched.” 

Especially when you consider the rumours. Staff close to the Facebook CEO have whispered about he doesn’t so much as power down for a couple of hours sitting in chair next to an electrical socket.

And that his eyes have an uncanny look about them. As if his gaze is surveying you at an eerily deep level. While, aside from his mouth, his face remains utterly expressionless.

Past employers have told of feeling that their encounters were with another Being rather than another human.

Could it be possible that the head of the Facebook Empire is… an android machine? And, if so, who created him? Was he ever human? And if not, why was he built?

...who created him? Was he ever human? And if not, why was he built?

Is the whole platform we know as Facebook part of some alien master plan? If so, what is it doing to us? And what does it bode for the future?

Head of Space X and Tesla, Elon Musk, has reiterated his view that we are probably living in a giant computer simulation. If true, then is Facebook’s creator some kind of wildcard from the program developers? Or, just a joke to see how we handle it?

Mind bending as it is, we can only speculate. 

For now though, murmurs about the real identity of who or what Mark Zuckerberg is are gathering pace. And for us mere mortals, it’s something to think about the next time we click “like.”




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