Happy Procrastination Day!

Happy Procrastination Day!

Look, honestly, I was going to declare today Procrastination Day. Only, I just couldn’t get round to it.

Pathetic I know.

Then, whaddaya know? I just ran out of time!

I had all these great ideas. About how good it would be. And, how we’d all have a laugh about this terrible problem of avoiding things for no good reason.

Then, whaddaya know? I just ran out of time!

Too busy planning it.   

Besides which, I had important things to do. Like watch TV. 

Yeah, important stuff got in the way. And I had to have a shower. Then dry my hair. You can’t put that stuff off you know.

Especially when you’ve only got one hair.

I have to look after that. And any procrastinating about the care of this solo follicle would be sheer folly.  

I mean, what if it wasn’t super carefully towel dried? And it dropped out?

That would be mega-shocking. 

That’s why I recommend you only procrastinate about some things. Not others.

The others can wait. Until… they can’t

Ask any man and he’ll happily confess that he procrastinates until the cows come home about his health. Not sure why. But I reckon it’s a guy thing. 

You know, like man caves, man boobs, and the mankini. All things that can and should be put off.

Until they can’t.

I know this guy (definitely not me). Let’s call him, err, “Mary.” And, Mary, copped a lot of stick from his partner because he got a bowel cancer screening package in the post and forgot about it. 

His partner duly provided a sample, filled in the form and dropped it back in the mail. Not Mary. Instead, he left the package by his bedside.

To remind him. You know, of what to procrastinate about.

Two years later, Mary’s partner cracked. “I’m throwing that out.”

“No you can’t do that! That’s my package.” 

“Well it’s just been bedside clutter for the past two years. Send it off then.” 

“Yes, well… I’ll get round to it sometime.”

Twelve months later, Mary (definitely not me) decided to get it over and done with.  “Blast! The dratted thing expired 12 months ago. Never mind. Obviously still here. Just proves I didn’t need it.” 

Women will vigorously nod their head in aggravated frustration. Knowing full well that this silly men’s business is ridiculous. 

Not sure why. But I reckon it’s a guy thing. 

Men, somehow, just don’t take their health seriously. Not until it’s almost too late. At which time they stop procrastinating completely.

Laugh all you like, but men are pretty stupid about their health needs. Of course, I don’t do that.


Procrastinating is a often seen as a bad thing. And in truth it can be crippling. But if it’s just a now and then thing, it’s not that bad.  

Sometimes, it even lets things work themselves out. Which, if you’re lucky, is a good thing.

Though it is a shame about Procrastination Day.  Maybe another time.

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