Small House Trend Unstoppable  

Small House Trend Unstoppable  

“If you don’t live in a tiny house, I’m sorry but you’ll soon be weird.” That’s the advice from Manchester Council’s Mayor, Doone Arred-Layne, at a packed home show exhibition in the Manchester Civic Centre in Britain last Friday.

If you don’t live in a tiny house, I’m sorry but you’ll soon be weird.

Thanks to a growing worldwide shortage of affordable housing, alternatives are springing up. And one particular contender gaining ground is the cleverly built small house.

Simply put, small houses are cute but brilliant. What’s more, they’ve got everything you need and then some to make them fun.

Aside from Arred-Layne falling head over heels in love with these tiny dwellings, a quick vox pop revealed the public’s opinion at the exhibition, which ended with record numbers on Sunday.

“Unbloody believable! To think you can get all that luxury into such a tiny space. Amazing!” – Jack from Leicester.

“I want one. Just love them.” – Sarah from Leeds. 

“For sure. This is the way of the future. I can see that” – Deepak from Bury. 

“It’s good for couples or singles. Not so good for families with teens. Kids would love it mind. But Mums and Dads would go mad with their older kids under their nose all the time.” – Dee & Margy from Wiggan.

“Be a perfect big Wendy house for couples to get away for a snog” – Brenda & Ryan from Oldham.

“Och, it’s cosy proposition and it would save a ruddy fortune” – Ron from Glasgow. 

The nine prototypes on display ranged from 275 to 660 square feet and include a living area, kitchen, bedroom(s), bathroom, and storage. And, providing you can teach your children to sleep in a rather generously sized cupboard, they really do offer family options.

One style showcases a two-storey sofa. So the kids can sit below while parents can enjoy sitting on top of them in this strange but practical space optimising design.

Of course, there is some wriggling involved to get into the bathroom because the toilet is under the dryer. So you have to duck your head. And, the door is best entered sideways. But it’s doable.

Similarly, the rope ladder to access the loft master bedroom requires a certain level of fitness and there are maximum loads up top (though we weren’t given any figures). Suffice to say, Mama Cass wouldn’t have found the teeny tiny hideaway to her liking.

“You’re not gonna get a person in a wheelchair up there are you?” asked one thoughtful visitor examining the tiniest version on display.

But for the fit, there’s a Tarzan rope swing across the loft spaces, a fire pole for that quick morning shower, and a built in waterproof treadmill (in the deluxe Pixie Home) that actually boils your kettle. Time to do some marching in the shower!

For the real mini house enthusiast The Piccolo showcases a child-sized toilet, sink and appliances. All of which save space and keep costs down for an equally miniature budget (at just under 20,000 Pounds). 

In practice, these concessions mean you can pee or poo. Just not at once.

In practice, these concessions mean you can pee or poo. Just not at once. And in the kitchen you’re limited to 1½ burners on the cooktop and a quarter-sized dishwasher. But don’t expect to operate everything together (the remote solar model only lets you run one appliance at a time).

That could make watching TV and cooking dinner a challenge  (unless someone is marching in the shower). 

But, judging by the packed crowd and obvious excitement, the eensy, weensy, teensy house is set to become the new aspirational standard for people across the world.

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