That’s Banned!

That’s Banned!

Iran’s censors have just banned buffalo butts from appearing on television. Why? Well, perhaps buffalo bits are a little too attention grabbing. At least to the censorship guys.

To date, however, no attempt has been made to censor buffalo wings…

Now as funny as that is, the censors in Sweden, Finland and Norway all banned little kids seeing the movie ET, back in the day. So you had to be twelve or older to watch it.

Too much extra-terrestrial action perhaps? Well, not exactly.

Too much extra-terrestrial action perhaps? Well, not exactly.

The censors felt ET put adults in a bad light. Like the enemies of children. And you can kind of get that.

Sort of.

Just like you can kind of understand how Milan has banned frowning in public. And, before you even think of it, they’ve made exceptions for funerals and hospital visits.  

Which is thoughtful of them. Kind of.

But in Japan, until 2014, authorities flipped the other way. Banning public dancing was regarded as a moral duty.

Illegal dancing copped a seriously heavy fine and “No Dancing” signs were put up in venues round the country. All because the authorities thought it might get people too footloose.


Mind you, that’s just the tip of the banned iceberg.

French authorities have a ban on ketchup in schools. And a good thing too. Kids could go wild with ketchup. Put it on stuff. Even… eat it. 


Meanwhile, Kinder Surprise eggs (a chocolate egg with a small toy inside) have been banned by the US for years. Not because the US authorities don’t like chocolate, or toys. But because they reckon kids might eat the toys.

Yeah, I get that. Some kids will eat anything. Food, plates, forks, …doors. Never mind that millions of kids around the world don’t eat their egg toys doesn’t count. Because the authorities know American kids are going to gulp them down regardless.

Foil and all.

While, as a way of keeping tabs on the power of stories, Chinese authorities don’t allow movies that include time travel. Sorry, Dr Who. No can do.

Oh, and reincarnation isn’t allowed either. At least, not this time round.

Back in the day (a Tuesday at 3.14pm on the 3rd of August, 1931 as it happened - not to put too fine a point on it), Ireland decided that the Marx Brothers were getting way too crazy.

The Irish censors decided their movie, Monkey Business, was likely to get people riled up. Then storm the Bastille. Or something. Either that or they just couldn’t get the jokes.

That fear of people losing it might have partly inspired the ban on blue jeans by quite a few countries. Those crazy jeans! Authorities decided they were simply too over the top (Or was that the bottom?). At the very least they were a depraved sign of Western decadence. Yeah, jeans will do it to you. Every time.

Especially if you get caught in the zip.

...he’s a way too racy Pooh for the Polish people of Tuszyn

And a while ago you might know Winnie the Pooh got up the nose of town leaders in a little village in Poland? Yeah, they unanimously banned Pooh. Why? Because he is half-naked of course!

So you could say he’s a way too racy Pooh for the Polish people of Tuszyn.

And if you think that’s over the top, lovers of samosas (those tasty three-cornered Indian pastry pocket treats) will be shocked to know that this dish is banned in Somalia. Yes, the extreme Al Shabaab group banned somosas back in 2011.

The reason?

Well, it had something to do with them believing the 3-cornered samosa was too suggestive of the Christian Holy Trinity.

Go figure.






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