The Stress Of It All

The Stress Of It All

“Stress? Don’t talk about stress to me! I’m way too stressed to even think about it. Besides, it’s stressful when you’re juggling everything else to think of it.”

Yep, confess. You’re stressed. Admit it. Tell yourself in the mirror. Yes, you’re stressed.  

Hey! Look at that extra wrinkle. How did that get there? 

Anyway, forget about the wrinkle.  First and foremost, remember to breathe.  

You’d be surprised how many people don’t.  

Sure, they’ll all dead. But the thing is, most of us don’t breathe as well as we could.

For instance, breathing from the diaphragm (the lower part of your belly, not a drawing) is the thing to do. And do it slowly. As in, that car repair bill cost HOW MUCH? When you feel your breathing slowing down to match your expression of stunned paralysis. 

Anyway, stress it turns out isn’t that unusual or abnormal. You can live a pretty regular life (and ‘no’, I’m not talking about your fibre intake) with lots of stressful moments. Having stressies is somewhere there on the spectrum of normal. 

While you’re thinking of that, take a long slow breath in. 

Hmm… hmm…

A-n-d, breath out.

Getting the right kind of breathing pattern is the trick. And the key is to do it slowly. Something like 8 seconds breathing in and out will do it for many. But your breaths may vary.  

I read most yogi bears aim for around ten breath sets a minute. But I reckon you should go and check out at least three reasonable websites on the subject. You know, to make sure I’m not pulling your proverbial.

Okay, I know, I know. You’re wondering why is this breathing business helpful for stress? Well, it turns out it’s the simplest way you can de-stress this side of a 5 mile hike or 30 minute session boxing and shouting at a punching bag. 

Besides which, we can all breathe. But some methods are better than others. Especially for stress. 

And, well, let’s face it. Just changing your breathing now and then has got to be the laziest way of dealing with stress there is. Plus, it actually makes you feel good.

Of course, the mere fact you’re reading this shows you’re not stressed off your rocker this nanosecond (click like on that one). Because, if you were clinging onto the chandelier in uptight tension right now, you wouldn’t be reading this. It’s would be too hard to concentrate on reading any kind of web bites that take more than ten seconds to chew through. 

A hyper-stressed person forcing themselves to read through this whole post would probably succumb to mental constipation. It’s not going in because there’s no more room. And it’s sure as little green apples ain’t coming out.

So, if it’s not you, it’s probably someone else. Stressing to the max, I mean.  

Right now, chances are someone you know is so full of stress tension they could power a whole city for a couple of seconds. 

And that would be an achievement. Only… where do they stick the plug in?

That’s just another thing to get stressed about. Then there’s the weather. Politics (or should that be ‘polytix’?). Climate change. Overpopulation. Hair loss, sagging things, and dental care.  It’s all part of it.  

Whatever ‘it’ is. 

I’d love to say, “Don’t Worry. Be Happy”. Only, the guy who sang that died.

Don’t think the song did it, mind you. In fact, I’m pretty sure that it was coincidental. But it doesn’t help, does it? 

Which is why, I still believe in breathing. Besides, it sure as eggs beats the alternative.

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