What’s a Qashqai? Can’t Be a Car Can It?

What’s a Qashqai? Can’t Be a Car Can It?

Qashqai? That’s a weird name for anything, let alone a car.

To my ears Qashqai sounds more like a type of Asian squash.

And it’s the kind of name that native English speakers will feel completely confused about. I mean, how do you say it right?

Cashkay? Cash-Kwai?  Quash-Kye?  Quash-Kway?

To my ears Qashqai sounds more like a type of Asian squash

It’s a dog’s breakfast from go to whoa.

Mind you, it’s not without its fans. Some people are attracted to the weird.


But there are plenty of other bizarre car names to amuse the restless mind (I’ve excluded the rude ones but you can always go to ODDEE to see those) 

So, here’s my shortlist:

  1. The Ford Probe (a name that’s waaay too medical)
  2. The Mazda Titan Dump (not a car but a truck, with a seemingly very big bowel to store stuff)
  3. Suzuki Every Joypop Turbo (guess it backfires incredibly well)
  4. The Daihatsu Naked (a natural for people who like driving in their birthday suit)
  5. The Daihatsu Scat (naming it after animal turds was probably the most honest form of labelling possible – well done)
  6. The Mitsubishi Minica Winky (for people with… minica winkies)
  7. The Studebaker Dictator (the car Fidel Castro drooled over so much, he employed 2 staff to keep wiping it down)
  8. The Mitsubishi Lettuce (surely the ideal accompaniment to a Qashqai. Serve on a bed of cold rice)
  9. The Isuzu Mysterious Utility Wizard (when you have no idea what to call yet another brain-searingly dull van and you’ve just watched Harry Potter, this name fits)
  10. The Nissan Homy Super Long (just the thing for the well-endowed homie)
  11. Mazda Bongo Friendee (after smoking something strong the naming team agreed this was the psychedelic solution).
  12. The Nissan Cedric (ideal for old guys who drive with slippers, pipe, and an umbrella set for action).

Surprisingly, these car names make Nissin’s Qashqai slightly sensible. Because, it actually originates from a real word.

...it actually originates from a real word.

Coming from the name given to various Turkic peoples and hangers on around Iran way (according to our Old Mate Wikipedia) it’s not nearly as weird as it seems. Only, why does a Japanese crossover vehicle have anything to do with Turkic people in Iran?

That’s a question only a true Qashqai could answer.

While I have one final question for Nissan. Do you say Qashqai as Kwosh-kye?  Or, is it Kwash-Kwy?



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