20 Labels to Make You Laugh

20 Labels to Make You Laugh

Have you ever found yourself reading a product label wondering, what they were thinking? I do it all the time (wondering, not thinking).  But because they make you laugh, I reckon they're important for your health.

So here's my top 20 faves to get you wondering (and stop thinking): 

1. Spotted a helpful warning on Odor Eaters saying “Do not eat.”

2. Happily a well known window cleaning spray warns users “Do not spray in eyes”

3. Not sure why but a warning on a toilet plunger, advises “Caution: Do not use near power lines”

4. One brand of Christmas lights advise “For indoor or outdoor use only”

5. Or the electric chainsaw that sensibly tells you “Do not attempt to stop chain with hands or hold wrong end”

6. Like the window cleaner one underarm deodorant warns “Caution. Do not aim into eyes”  (Makes sense if you confuse them with your armpit) 

Were Apple kidding when they used to warn “Do not eat iPod Shuffle”?”

7. Then there's this warning on pet medicine for dogs “Caution. Do not drive car or operate machinery”

8. And the hairdryer warning “Do not use in bath without adult supervision” 

9. Compare that to the warning on a mattress protector "Do not try to swallow” 

10. Or, the packet of vanilla sugarcoated peanuts “Warning. May contain traces of nuts” (Be nice)

11. Got to like the sense of this sticker on a new car “Look before driving”

12. And the warning on baby oil  “Keep out of reach of children”

13. While, a leading brand of hair shampoo says “Use frequently for seriously damaged hair”

14. And for the DIY types buying a particular pack of nails ”Caution! Do not swallow nails! May cause irritation!”

15. You may laugh but this advice probably saves lives “Do not pour liquids into your television set or operate outdoors in the rain”

16. Were Apple kidding when they used to warn “Do not eat iPod Shuffle"?

17. Sometimes, they're just too keen. Take this advice on a packet of condoms "Unnecessary to refrigerate”

18. Or this label on a fire extinguisher “Caution: non-flammable”

19. And a certain rain gauge label that advises "Suitable for outdoor use” (I want the indoor one)

20. But for safety reasons you can't beat this laughable warning on a box of  matches "Caution. Contents may catch fire” (Bloody hope so!).

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