Ask the Bleedin’ Obvious

Ask the Bleedin’ Obvious

Talk about asking the bloody obvious. Ads keep coming up with questions that nobody asks.

Like: "Would you like to lose weight?"

"Nah. Happy as a clam being morbidly obese. That would only prolong my life. Make me feel healthier. Let me slip into my clothes more easily. What's the good of that? Thanks, but no."

Or, "Does having more satisfying relationships interest you?

"Pfft! Who needs it? I just like fighting all the time. Pushing people away and feeling lonely. You should give it a whirl."

... ask yourself, is this is sensible question? Or, are they trying to reel me in?”

Actually, we all do this fake question stuff. Ad people call them rhetorical questions. Ones you ask when you want to steer people to say or do something.

Bit dodgy really.

Of course, asking rhetorical questions can be harmless enough. Like knowing someone is yearning for dessert. But asking them anyway.

But when it's about manipulating and exploiting people, it's enough to make the hair stand up on the back of your proverbial.

That's why with advertising you need to have your bulldust meter switched up to high   

"Do you dream of being richer, fitter, smarter, admired, desired, and not tired?” 

"Do I ever!"

"Well, have we got a trick to spin on you!"

And so it goes. Over and over. 

So ask yourself, is this is sensible question? Or, are they trying to reel me in? That's why I reckon you should be prepared in your head to tell them "No". Because if they can't be straight with you in the ad, they sure as eggs aren't going to be later. 

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