BTW Please Note That With Each Post Your IP Address Is Recorded

BTW Please Note That With Each Post Your IP Address Is Recorded

Don’t look now but they’re bloody sniffing you out. That little byline saying “please note that with each post your IP address is recorded” means they know where you live, what size socks you've got, and even your dog's favourite dogfood.

Even if you don't even have a dog!

Actually, it’s a watchers watching as we watch world out there. In case you didn’t know, there’s probably a security camera nearby outside keeping an eye on things down your very street. Not that I want you to feel paranoid. But apart from what the Stasi did in East Germany, we've never been watched as much as we are now.

Back in the 1970s, Andy Williams had an innocent hit about boys watching girls while the girls watch the boys who watch the girls go by. Now it’s more like the firms are watching us while we watch the screens while online crime pries at the firms as the world goes by.

Everybody keeps spying on everyone else!

That means that you should please note that with each post your IP address is recorded while they keep an eye out on all the other websites you try. I mean, really. Do we have to have that level of surveillance? What happened to respecting people’s privacy? Seems like it went out the window (Which you ought to close by the way. You never know who's looking in.).

I’m old school. While plenty of people born under the watchful eye of computer technology are quite happy being monitored, and even having a chip inserted under their skin. 

Actually, I don't mind having a chip. Though, be better in a bag, nice and hot with salt.

Why do your particulars have to be on someone else's screen? That tiny fine print disclaimer saying, “please note that with each post your IP address is recorded and, oh by the way, we are spying on you to boost our bottom line" is as dodgy as. 

Once, I innocently thought so long as you weren’t doing any harm, what was there to be worried about? But these days, your shopping habits, favourite colour, identifying details (you know, that mark you've got proving that you really are born of royalty), and all your personal comments foolishly made after a Friday tipple are all up for grabs.

It's a data free for all. So it's not surprising a lot of stuff winds up in someone's scamming file. So they can either flog you stuff or, disastrously diddle you. 

Having every post on Facebook or some other social media log your habits for your advertising potential and your IP address (cyberspace location) recorded and sold or stolen isn't exactly a train wreck. But it's a bit icky.

I mean, fair enough companies want our information. But you might want to keep the size of and cut of your undies private instead of having it all splashed across your screen in targeted ads. 

"No one need never know how big you are with these revolutionary new underwire briefs.

That should not be common knowledge.

That's also why I admire the Germans. Yeah, apart from making pretzels and having a cute little cartoon elephant, they take people’s need for confidentiality seriously.

Probably based on harsh experience.

Germans know how important it is to keep your smalls off the screen. And, make sure those compromising photos of you at that party don't get published for your boss to see.

It's not in the public interest. Not even in your interest. Especially when your friends like to remind you about it, every embarrassing now and irritating then.

It's a bit rough. 

What has this got to do with happiness you might ask? Well, I reckon it's not good being on public exhibition 24/7. Can't relax if you're worried that video (your former friend took of you peeing by the side of the road) might get into the wrong hands. Even end up on some trashy TV program.

You can't feel safe if you're always on guard. That's why privacy matters. Lets you relax a bit. Chill out. Then sit down and watch all those trashy programs about people flashing their backside accidentally, or having their top fall off in an awkward moment.

When people feel safe to be themselves without feeling watched, it’s always easier to relax. Means you can be yourself and hang loose now and then.

Can't argue with that. 

Besides, not all who pry have noble eyes. All the waivers (which, funnily enough, are always at your expense) to 'please take note that with each post your IP address is recorded, exploited, and potentially sold' should be requests, not declarations. 

So what's the go? You could put on camou and crawl through the Web with the cloak of invisibility. But that's a right royal pain in the proverbial. 

My old mate, Pennylope reckons your best bet is to know scamming when you see it. Then, keep your flaps down, and your powder dry. And if you feel you are under attack, don't shoot until you see their whites hanging on the line.

As always, good advice. 

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