In Every Way I'm Getting Better & Better

In Every Way I'm Getting Better & Better

I'm a fan of self-improvement. It makes you a better person. After all, we can always lift our game.

That's what my mother did once. We were playing some board game and she was losing. So, she just made a grunt, and then just lifted the board up in the air and flipped it over. 

So, let me ask you: do you ever struggle with feeling like you aren’t as capable as you could be? If so, then you're normal. Means you don't need to do anything about it. Just sit there. Twiddling your thumbs. Feeling lousy about yourself but feeling better about it because everyone else is feeling lousy too. At least sometimes.

Wonderful isn't it?

Most self-development gurus call it 'self-dev' now. More cool. Got to be in the know to work it out. 

They like to point out your weaknesses. Make you feel you need help even though you didn't know you did until you read about it. Then you really felt good that you felt so bad. Which makes you feel bad but not as much. Because now you know what to do to feel good.

That's good, isn't it?

Only, somehow, they wheedled themselves in between. So you can only feel better by buying their stuff!

That's not good.

Be nicer if you could learn why your rubbish at some things and then feel better without having to buy stuff from whoever told you how rubbish you are.

Now that would be nice.

As it is, the whole self-dev (there's that cool jargon again) business is worth $10 billion in the US alone. That's more than 10,000 years of the average person's take home pay. Imagine going to work for 10,000 years. For that, I could tell you bad you are too. Then tell you why you my patented tummy tickler is essential to make you feel better (only $59.99 plus postage & handling).

That would be good.

post secret photos of your tummy on social media.”

But you really don't need one. Just get someone else to tickle your tummy. Preferably someone you like. Not some facebook frenemy who'd tickle your belly on false pretences. Yeah. Then post secret photos of your tummy on social media.

That's how vile people can be. So don't it. That's my advice. And you can have it for only $9.99 (plus a free starter kit to get you... er... started).

Bottom line. Self-improvement is good. Self-improvement is nice. But just don't think any one person has all the answers. If they did, they probably cheated. Probably looked over at the person getting an A and copied. Only theirs was a different test.

So, don't be hoodwinked into thinking your test is the same as theirs. You could end up with all the wrong answers. Could find your self-dev turns out to be self-devastating.

That would be bad.

Worse than that. You could end up like my Mum and lift your game in the wrong way. And you never win like that.


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