Goodbye 2 0 1 5

Goodbye 2 0 1 5

Take one last look because it’s almost over. The year 2015 is just about done.

And what kind of a year was it for you? Did you find lots of happiness?

Or was it a hard slog, battling the odds?

I know, in a way it’s only a notion this year closing thing (though, most of the planet agrees on the concept unless you were an Inca still holding out in the high Andes with your own sun calendar and a couple of llamas).

Actually Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Iran, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, and a few others have their own calendars too. Guess that makes it confusing working out stuff like birthdays, or flight times. See you in two moons. 

Along with tweaks to the Gregorian standard in Thailand, Nth Korea, Taiwan, and Japan, the idea that a brand New Year is rapidly advancing is  pretty much a given.

So, if nothing else happened to you over the past 12 months, the very least you have done is made one full lap round the sun. That' something. Well... at least you been around...

Regardless of where we’ve travelled, who we’ve seen, and what we’ve done, the remarkable part is that every single one of us been on an annual trip. And, whether we cared or not, we all did it together.

In spite of all of our differences, struggles, and striving, we are all taking the same tour through time and space. And all on this one and only Earth in a quiet part of a spiral arm of The Milky Way Galaxy. Yet, while we didn't have a say on the ride at least we have a bit of a say on the state of our behaviour (like not standing on the seats, or sticking gum on the ground).

Sometimes, taking a wide-angled view puts our trials and tribulations into a fresh perspective. It reminds us that there is every good reason to make the most of our limited trip.

Not that the small scale matters of life don't matter. Jut that the fact you've run out of toilet paper probably isn't of as much cosmic consequence as you anxiously thought.

Pulling back to see life from a distance lets you see what matters most. And that's a good thing to think about once you've done another run round the sun.

Soon we’ll see the standard ‘Looking Back At 2015’  TV shows, focusing on all the top name catastrophes, celebrities, and calamities. While fireworks and parties will guarantee that, it'll all go off with a bang or two,  plus a few rounds of cheers.

Meanwhile, all your personal experiences these past 12 months won’t get much notice. They will just get stowed away; put aside in the diary of this ride called Life.

You can shove  all the good, bad, and the so, so into the drawer and try to get your head around the new trip. Two thousand and sixteen: here we come!

So, give a big wave to the year that was. It’ll soon be gone like all the rest.

Today and tomorrow are on your hit list now. Time to draw a line in time and start fresh. Time to chuck out the garbage you've been keeping for a rainy day and get set for new  beginnings.

Instead of replaying all your own thoughts, you can run a brand new series. Heave ho the old dramas and lame sitcoms and get stuck into some new dramas and lame sitcoms.

Then there's those New Year's resolutions you've been toying over. Like getting rid of that 180 pounds (89kg) of ugly fat. But before you do that, think about how messy divorce is. It's not all it's cracked up to be. Best leave it on the couch for now.

Seriously, above all: be kind. Treat animals well. Be respectful and don't sweat the petty things or pet the sweaty things. Just...leave them alone.

This New Year, turn the page over, clear the decks, raise the mast, splice the mainbrace and man the poopdeck!  It's your year too. So enjoy one more turn around our own personal star.

Happy New Year.


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