Got Any Mother Gift Ideas?

Got Any Mother Gift Ideas?

How many people keep space in their head for “Mother Gift Ideas”? I suspect only the highly organised ever keep a careful record of stuff they’ve spied. So when it comes to gifts for mothers for Mothers Day, her birthday, and Christmas, most of us go back to base one.

Randomly guessing.

I know it’s lame, but being male, I'm shocking at shopping. If I don’t know what I’m looking for before I go wandering through big stores and get lost. That typically translates into a PA announcement ("Hello shoppers. We have a lost man. Doesn't know his name and looks a bit upset. And keeps muttering something about his Mother. If you've lost him, you can collect him at Centre Management. Thank you. Oh and please hurry. He's eating all the biscuits").

Finding the right present for your Mother is a nightmare. Let's be honest. My Dad used to go on about it. "She's got everything. An iron, a toaster, and a mop. What else does she need?"

Dad the romantic, huh?

...cuddles (Not headlocks!), kisses and kind words are the go.”

Poor Mum. She had a cupboard full of appliances. And, thing is, they were all toasters. At last count she had 33 of them. And nobody eats toast at their place. Weird.

Blame Dad for that. Crazy.

Anyway, it's hard getting stuff for Mothers Day, her Birthday, and Christmas. Mum always says, "No I don't need anything." Then does that thing with her hanky, dabbing it into the corner of her eye and sniffing.

One year, I had a Mothers Day gift brainwave and gave her a packet of antihistamines (the chemist reckons they're good for allergies). She looked shocked. Guess she didn't know I cared that much.

But generally, it's a pressure to find the right presents for your mother. They like good stuff. Not cheap rubbish. That's a problem there and then.

For the more traditional not the sharpest tool in the shed male, this mother gift thing is a shock. And it happens three times a year. Every year.

Most males - due to their brain damage associated with fridge blindness, rely on outside cues to spark them to action. Typically, it's either: 

  1. A family 'member' (that's code for partner) who reminds them they need to get their Mother a gift NOW!
  2. They see a sign in a department store saying, “Only 12 hours to go! Buy your Mother’s Day/Christmas gifts now."
  3. They’ve discovered a last minute two for one run-out sale on toasters or foot spas.

Really, there's no excuse big enough to skip this Mother's gift thing. Even if the cupboard is bare, you can always write her a poem, or sing her a song (Mothergram?Just keep your clothes on).

Of cause, if you're feeling guilty enough, you can do them all.

Genuinely caring is the thing. So cuddles (Not headlocks!), kisses and kind words are the go. Most mothers go for that. Mind you, some have other ideas, which they can explain. Point is, always remember to do something she loves. Simple.

Kind of.

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