Your Backside Killing You Too?

Your Backside Killing You Too?

Did you know your backside is hurting you? That’s the warning coming from health scientists. Using your bum/ass too much is hazardous to your health (and not in the way people think).

Armed with the results of long studies the news is not good. Especially if you happen to be an  office worker, driver, couch potato, or weary lap dancer.

If you sit down too much you're much more likely to get cardiac diseases or cancer.  Yep, it's true. Just from sitting on your bum.

For those of us who earn a crust sitting on our bum, this is hard to take.”

So then, by all means stand up and go for a stroll to the kitchen and get yourself a hot or cold drink. Just avoid tripping over on the way and getting a bad injury. Because that will muck up the whole safety message. Plus, you could be in traction in hospital or else undergo knee surgery. That's not good. Not for a drink. But read on anyway.

Sitting is the secret culprit that's not just adding to our increasing weight challenges and risk of sickness. It’s also making us pear-shaped!  Well...maybe not (I just made that up).

So the next question is, how much sitting is too much?

Well, anything over 30 minutes is doing you bad. So, you need to get up now and keep doing that roughly every 20 minutes before your bum goes into total lockdown. 

Go get another hot drink. Toddle off to the toilet (you'll need to because of all the drinks), and find any excuse to get up and change your posture. 

Have to say, back in the day nobody knew sitting on your rear could be that dangerous. Now, according to the white coats, it could even take years off your life. That's a worry.

For those of us who earn a crust sitting on our bum, this is hard to take. Especially if you also love sitting down to enjoy a good read, surf the Web, chat over a drink, or even catch a  bit of TV. 

Now we're told these activities are up there with base-jumping, wrestling lions, or slapping electric eels – just because your body packs it in when you refuse to get off your rump enough.

Happily, there is some good news. If you do get your ass into gear you'll add years to your life. Just by getting up for a minute every half hour you can forget all the doom and gloom. Instead, you'll be right as rain. Too easy!

Still. Yeah. I know. It's a pest. And it's just one more bloody thing to do. But it's for a good cause and you'll feel better for it too. So no use crying in your beer over it. As Cicero was supposed to have said, "Time to take your bloody concrete pills... and toughen up."

If, on the one hand, you already get up every couple of minutes (because you get uncomfortable, itchy, and restless) then you'll probably outlast the rest of us. Then, on the other hand, you might have worms. For that reason, I'd wash both. Really well.


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