It’s A Worry!

It’s A Worry!

Ahhh, it's a worry! That's life in a nutshell. You've got so much to worry about. All those bills and stuff going wrong. Does your head in.

There's so much to worry about, it give you the collywobbles. Like your health. Politics. Your kids. The environment. Global overheating. Wars. Threats of war. Suggested threats of war. Unexpected and accidental threats of war. Atom bombs. Insurance. Disease. Crime. Injury. Your pets peeing on the carpet. Losing your job. Corruption. Unemployment. Marriage troubles. Finances. Plumbing. It's endless!

Which is really a worry when you think about it.

Then, if you do worry about it, they say that's bad for your health. So yet another thing to worry about.

That worries me too. So then I try not to worry. Then I worry that maybe a bit of worrying is not such a bad thing. Because the people who don't worry are either sitting cross-legged for hours (that's got to hurt) dressed in orange (Why not another colour? What's wrong with blue?). Or, they're sociopaths.

That's a worry.

Point is. You can worry until the cows come home. But it’s like jumping up and down on the spot when your leg hurts. Only makes things worse.”

Then I remember what my aunty used to say? "Oh it's all a worry. But what can you do?" Good question. Reckon you're better off only worrying about stuff you can do something about. Waste of effort worrying about the rest.

She was wise. 

Point is. You can worry until the cows come home. But it's like jumping up and down on the spot when your leg hurts. Only makes things worse.

So, go ahead ahead. Worry your head off. Then, think about things you can do to make life better.

Forget about what's happening at the moment in Slobattyvania. Put North Korea on the side of your plate, along with all the crazy leaders round the world. And hold that thought about whether your boss will let you go on vacation for the dates you've requested. None of it is in your hands. So take a chill pill, Billy.

Instead, think about that weird sound your car keeps making, your skin care regime, your harsh word with whatshername, and how you're not getting enough sleep. Worry about that stuff instead.


Worry as much as you like. Then do something about it. Pick one. Then give it a red hot go to fix the situation. 

You'll feel better.

Then, once you've picked them all off the list, you'll have room for more stuff to worry about. Maybe even bigger stuff. Like, helping the planet, supporting good leaders, and blah de blah. Good isn't it?



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