Now Enter Word Verification in Box Below Guestbook

Why do we have to put up with silly “enter word verifications” when we are the ones meant to be helped?

Give up. It’s just too hard. Sometimes, no matter how determined you are to share an idea or express an opinion, organisations just don’t want to know.

So when yet another pop-up window repeatedly appeared on the hotel screen saying, “Now enter word verification in box below guestbook” it was just too much.

Why do so many firms make it so hard to communicate? Bet they haven’t got a clue what it’s like dealing with them.

I tried to give it a red hot go. But then, the system blocked me every step of the way.”

Most likely, they expect everyone thinks they’re wonderful. After all, people believing in their own publicity is the lifeblood of advertising revenues.That’s why you keep seeing ads that basically say, “Aren’t we great?” “You are soooo lucky we even bother to serve you.”

Which might explain the mindset behind the “Enter word verification in box below guestbook” demand.

At risk of annoying long-suffering web designers, there’s a rampant plague of unfriendly Internet interfaces out there and I’m sick of them.  

Like they’re bent on blocking, frustrating, and confusing users to the point of surrender! Terms like: “Enter word verification in box below guestbook”,Retype the previous information without additions”, and “Complete details before initialising sequence for request to begin” make your blood drain from your face and your eyes roll back in their sockets. What are they thinking?

So when we were invited to provide feedback on the website at the hotel we had stayed in, I tried to give it a red hot go. But then, the system blocked me every step of the way.

To be fair, I wanted to tell them how friendly the staff were, how good the bed felt, and how clean the room was kept. But instead, I kept bloody getting “Enter word verification in box below guestbook”. Every time!

Silly thing was, there was no verification space to fill in the first place.

Gradually, my happy thoughts started eroding and I began to think badly about the management. How I found a dead fly in the light shade. How there were dust bunnies beneath the bedhead. And, how the toilet that had that paper strip draped over it that said ‘hygienically cleaned for your convenience’ wouldn’t flush (and probably hadn’t for the last 6 months)!

The disconnect was just too much for me to be bothered with trying to cross the divide to find someone who cared. Someone I could be sincere with. About their dust, their silly verification screen, and their toilet that had forgotten how to flush.

Life is getting too complex for that. Our sincerity is being wiped out by inane details, and bogus demands.

It’s harder to be friendly with people who don’t relate or just refuse to make the effort.

Too hard!

So, next time you hit the equivalent of, “Enter word verification in box below guestbook” weigh up the options. Do you want to be bothered telling someone who doesn’t care? Or are you going to have a quiet rant back in the bathroom, having it out with the toilet that won’t flush? Either way, remember this: if management can’t give a fig about your story there’s always the guestbook!

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