Remembering Things

Remembering Things

Remembering when to forget stuff is hard. I keep forgetting that. Never mind how hard it is to forget the things you wish you didn't remember.  

There's stuff you keep thinking about but you wish you didn't. But as much as you try forgetting, you keep thinking about it. Like when your boss bawled you out in front of everyone.

Not good.

Or when you saw something horrible on TV that you just can't get out of your head. Forgetting the bad stuff is about as hard as remembering where your put your keys after a long vacation.


The blokes in white coats reckon when you pair something with strong emotion it makes it hard to forget. Which means if you keep forgetting where the car is parked, try picturing your car crying when you step out. Oh, and always get a mental picture where it's parked. Weird I know.

But it helps.

Also recommend it for fellas who keep forgetting their anniversary. They just need to picture all those tears and loud sobbing. Then see their partner bringing them a box of tissues, saying "there there" to them. 

Works every time. Oh, and a disclaimer: I work for a tissue company.

Then there are times when remembering brings a deep smile inside. Just treasuring the memory. Like a secret treat.

Or, when you go over old photos with someone else. Talk about rambling down memory lane.

“Oh that’s just your old Uncle Bob, just before he had his gallstones out. I was only twelve at the time and I asked if I keep them. But he just frowned and…” 

Suddenly, you remember stuff you never knew you knew. Like it just appears from some hidden corner of your head”

Suddenly, you remember stuff you never knew you knew. Like it just appears from some hidden corner of your head (so it's not all bad having a square head).


When a friend's Mum had Alzheimer’s, she'd often say odd things. Like at the doctor's one day she said, “I’ve come to see you because the other day I looked up suddenly and my eye fell out.” We laughed about it because, well, there was no point crying.

Got me thinking too. For a change. Which they say is good. Like a holiday... Only... it isn't.

Memory is a big deal. Some try hard to remember them. While others spend a lifetime trying to forget them (you know, all that Foreign Legion stuff). 

For instance, try remembering your first phone number backwards. Then try to forget you ever remembered that number. That does my head in. Probably yours too. Don't even know why I recommended you do it. 

Forget that.

And it's weird that you can feel bad about something that happened back in the day. And, now, nobody even remembers it. So, does it even matter? And if it doesn't, why are we even talking about it right now?

All of which proves this is way to hard to talk about without something mellow in your glass. Best try shooting the breeze over it with a friend or two. Makes you look kind of philosoph..., er, phloss off, physicospital... very thoughtful.

And, even a bit taller.

So next time you're thinking about something you want to remember (or are desperate to forget), go have a natter with someone you like. You'll remember to do that, won't you? 

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