Strange But Happy Holidays

Strange But Happy Holidays

Here’s to happy holidays! It’s the Queen’s Birthday holiday today. But Queen Elizabeth’s birthday is actually in April. Guess this one is in reserve. In case she forgets the other one. 

We also have something called Regatta Day in mid February. To celebrate a boat race that doesn't run anymore. But we do like a holiday.

Holidays For Horse Racing and Groundhogs

There's plenty of happy holidays actually There's one for a horse race in Melbourne, Australia which goes down well.

While, the people of Gobbler’s Knob in Pennsylvania USA make the most of a day to celebrate a little groundhog called Punxsutawney Phil. This obscure event apparently came from early German settlers who obviously got a bit bored. So they figured you could forecast the weather at the end of winter by checking out a badger’s shadow. Makes sense. Kind of. 

You'd think the people of Suffolk County, Massachusetts are big on wildly purging themselves because they named their holiday Evacuation Day. Only it's really a divorce party the US had with the Brits, back in the day.

...the people of Turkmenistan are happy to have a holiday for anything.”

Not to be outdone, Bhutan commemorates Blessed Rainy Day. While the Philippines celebrates the last day of the year by making it a holiday. Just because they can.

Uruguay made the 21st September something special by making it Lover’s Day, which is a clever way to bring up the subject.  

But I like Cameroon’s Sheep Festival on May 21. As soon as the sheep come down from the mountains it’s time to crank up the festivities and have a happy holiday. Good one, Cameroon!

Mind you, Gai Jatra or, the Procession of the Cows, in Nepal, sounds like an interesting excuse for a holiday break too.  Happening sometime in September, Gai Jatra invites every family who has lost a relative in the past year to parade a cow (or a small boy if they don’t have a cow on standby) and wander down the street.

The trick is to smooth their relative’s journey to heaven, and give locals a happy holiday in the process. 

How About a Holiday Celebrating Melons?

If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, how about national Melon Day in Turkmenistan on the second Sunday of August? Wikipedia say Turkmenistan’s former President Niyazov made up the holiday in 2004,  saying "The Turkmen melon is the source of our pride. Its taste has no equals in the world, the smell makes your head spin."

Other happy holidays he invented include: A Drop of Water - A Grain of Gold Day and Turkmen Carpet Day. So you could say the people of Turkmenistan are happy to have a holiday for anything.

Smart move.

And maybe we should all take a leaf from that book. We could have Cafe Latte Day. Or, Let's Sleep In Day (like that one). Reckon you could think of a few extras too. Maybe tell your boss about them.

Maybe not.

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