Tech Does Your Head In

Tech Does Your Head In

I like tech stuff. Really. But it's also bloody frustrating.

You used to be able to see and do things in real time. In a physical way. Want to produce fancy fonts? Take a calligraphy class. Or get racy with some Letraset stick on letters that you rub onto paper.

Need a phone? No problem. Find a phone box. Or, check to see if the phone in the hallway is free. Then, wait for the dial tone and dial away. Simple.

Type up a letter? Sure. Just haul out the typewriter and check the ribbon is good and off you go.

That was about as complicated as tech got in daily life.

Today, younger people laugh about the primitive nature of bygone technology and wonder how anyone could possibly have managed.  Considering today’s technology allow us to do so much more it’s kind of true.

Yet, it can also do you head in. Especially when things fall into a screaming heap.

Take you average hi-tech devices, like a computer. Lets you type, voice operate, learn, explore, collate, communicate, file, design, create, sift, blah, blah, blah.

Computers are clever tools for sure. But, like the girl with the curl who, when she was good she was very, very good. And, when she was bad… well you know the story.

Computers are just like that girl. Only, what they miss in the curl department, they make up in bloody cables and crap. 

How many times have you been somewhere and been told, “Sorry. Can’t help you. The computer is down today”,“No, it won’t work. It has a virus or something.”

Gigaflops and teraflops aside, these little boxes are as temperamental as an old British Jaguar. They look impressive. But when their little tech heart stops beating  (byting off more than they can chew), you're well and truly knackered.’re best off getting advice from people who like plugging things in. Let them worry.”

Never mind the cloud, back ups, and slightly flash drives, this type of tech is destined to fail, taking a huge amount of your efforts with it. Think how many otherwise sane human beings become a gibbering, quaking mess when thousands of hours get lost after a tech disaster.

On top of that, there's also all the jargon and strange tech requirements that even your aunt Agnes has to learn so she can pay her bills and access the bank.

That’s a mighty big jump from just knowing how to use the phone, work the door bell, and a torch. Tech is now so hi-tech you it requires bloody driving lessons. Otherwise you're pretty much stuffed if you don't know where to plug stuff in, or input the correct codes.

It's enough to do your head in just keeping up. So what do we do?

Reckon you're best off getting advice from people who like plugging things in. Let them worry.

Instead, get out and enjoy real life. Only learn as much as you need to manage in this hi-tech realm. And just use the stuff. 

Never mind how it works. Just do things and enjoy the freedom tech gives you.

Then, walk away from it and take time out to be with people in person. Talk, walk, and work without a device in sight. Experience the pleasure of moving and love how beautifully simple life can be.

It won’t make all your technology hassles go away. But it’s a bloody good back up strategy to avoid missing out on Life v.1.0.

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