The Most Famous Movie Ever Is Coming

The Most Famous Movie Ever Is Coming

Can you believe it? The biggest, most famous movie is on its way! And, amazingly, nobody knows what it will be called. Nor have they got any idea what it will be about. But, it’s coming.

Maybe you recall certain iconic moments, like when Elvis died (Or should I say, supposed to. He's living down the road from you right now. Living in a trailer park). Or, the first Star Wars films first screening. Or, when ET reared his head. 

The film industry has had to work hard to keep the excitement high. So they blow up things with high fidelity “Sensoround”, turned up the violence, or do our head in with special effects that boggle the mind.

Middle Earth was created near the end of the Earth in beautiful New Zealand, complete with orcs, elves, hobbits, and dwarves. Then the movie industry took tried another trick, returning to the old 3D movie thing.

But the biggest, most game-changing film event is still pending. And, surprisingly, it has its origins in the likes of a pretty average film called, Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit”

Now, I don’t know if you ever saw this it, but I’d have to say it was pretty lame. Mixing real characters with animation, it was painful to watch even when it was released back when Adam was a lad.

Yet, everything has to start somewhere. Nobody winces at the computer graphics of animated movies like the Toy Story series, Shrek, Up!, or Despicable Me.

Movie image quality just gets better and better.

Which gives a clue to what’s coming to a cinema near you. For now,  movie makers use CGI that could almost - but not quite - imitate real life actors. It's tricky, because almost real CGI people would creep audiences out. And it even has a name: the uncanny valley phenomenon.  Designers of humanoid robots and high-tech animation know it’s better to steer well away from that spooky zone. That's why most CGI characters are animations (like the Paddington movies). To obviously look imaginary. And even then keep the hero cute.  

"Yeah. So what?" you ask. Well, today it's paddington Bear. But that’s not the future. The future of movies will be weird.

When it comes, CGI will produce a movie with actors that are totally human in every way. Only, they won’t be real (well, if you call actors real).

The biggest event in movie history after talkies, colour, THX, and 3D, is coming. Only this time, it will not have a single actor in it.

Won’t be easy. Not least because we will all be straining our eyeballs to pick up even the slightest telltale sign that it's a lousy fake. We will know they are not. But, mostly, we  won't be able to tell the difference.

How far away will this first synthetic human movie be? Dunno. Maybe in 5 years. That's what people say when they've got no idea. But I reckon it won't be too far down the track.

Gradually, film stars will start going out of business. Movie makers will save a squillion not having to pander to cranky divas complaining their bedroom drinks are not at exactly 3 degrees C.  

Even voice-over artists will eventually be replaced when the technology to create cyber celebrity voices takes over. Like I said: weird.

Yes, movie making will never be the same again. So, savour today’s actors and enjoy the fact that you can still appreciate seeing living, breathing, talent before it all goes digital.

Because the greatest movie ever made is coming and sure as eggs, it's going to change everything.

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