Those Funny Mothers Day Gifts

Those Funny Mothers Day Gifts

For boys, funny Mothers Day gifts come naturally. And, as it happens, Australia and America are celebrating Mother’s Day right now. So Happy Mothers Day to you! If you’re lucky, you might just score something funny from a son who means well but can’t help but get a little bit confused.

It’s not just the funny Mothers Day gifts like: squirrel paw earrings, remote controlled tarantulas, toasters, toilet seat liners, and bacon bandages. It’s all the other stuff that comes with the best of intentions.

As they say in the classics, it really is the thought that counts. So don’t be too quick to judge. Just appreciate that no matter how funny and odd they appear, most Mothers Day gifts are given with love or deep obligation.

That means there’ no need to wrinkle your nose at getting:

  • A packet of candy (that accidentally opened before you got it)
  • An odd pair of slippers (well, they were on special)
  • A steam iron (nice to be famous for something)
  • An electric foot spa (with zero chutzpah) 
  • A homemade pot stand (Because you've got everything else, right?)

Somewhere along the line, each was sourced because someone meant well. Even if it's was a bit of a clanger, just add that funny Mother’s Day gift to the pile, and smile).

An odd pair of slippers (well, they were on special)”

As a young child I recall my father giving me 20 cents to buy my mother something at the Mother’s Day school stall (Generous to a fault was my Dad). Twenty cents is worth zip now. But even back then, it didn’t buy much either. At least, not at that stall. So it came down to buying Mum a pink foam-padded coat hanger complete with satin frill, or nothing.

I chose the hanger.

To her lasting credit, my mother unwrapped the hanger from the crumpled mess of scrunched paper and sticky tape that I called wrapping, suppressed her surprise, and made all the right noises that said, “Thank you darling.” Though I was little I already knew my present was a bit crap. So I felt ashamed that my gift wasn’t good enough. My best was just another bit of junk to add to her funny Mother Day gifts junk pile.

But, as the years passed, something happened that still stays with me. Mum kept and used that coat hanger in her cupboard until the day she died. I will never forget that (Was that the cause of her death?).

Even though it was just another one of those funny Mothers Day gifts that was next to nothing, Mum appreciated that I cared and gave her something. 

If you’re lucky enough to receive some little funny Mother Day surprise, know this: it's not a total loss. It might be completely off beam and nothing like what you'd really like. But, most likely, it came with the best of intentions. And really, that's the bit that matters.

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