Too Much Nasty

Too Much Nasty

According to a psychologist I heard on the radio, “Eighty percent of people are great. It’s the other 20% that cause most of the trouble”. 

That's surprising. I thought it was only five per cent that made life hell for everyone else.

Somehow, in the back of my head (where I keep a small drawer full of opinions, folded briefs, long-johns, and factual crap), I never guessed the figure to be that high.  And, though there is a heck of a lot of rotten stuff going on for only 5% to keep operational, I just thought they were overachievers. 

But if that guy is right (And who knows? He probably just pulled that number out of his proverbial to sound impressive), it means we are surrounded by ratbags.  Means they are all at it together, working as a team. Not working as hard at as I thought. But all pitching in to share the wear in making life miserable for the 80%.

...more violent than what your Auntie Bessy does with nasal hair.”

Whatever the figure, the 20% crew are doing a top job in the nastiness stakes.  And, by nasty, I don’t mean, “Hey! Who stole my spotty socks?”,Did you just take a mouthful of my dessert when I wasn’t looking?”, or “I think I overheard him say a really rude word”.

I mean, vicious, sadistic types. The kind that would idly rip your head off as casually as top the tip off a soft-boiled egg. These people create untold havoc in the lives of virtually everyone they come across. That's the ripping types not the soft boiled egg beheaders. Unless of course you are a soft boiled egg. That would be shocking. Not to mention spooky and weird, considering soft boiled eggs don't normally read and have a sense of identity (Guess that'd be 'soft-boiledness'... 'I think therefore I sit in an egg cup.'). 

And, yeah, that's a bit more violent than what your Auntie Bessy does with nasal hair (clearly, she is in a category of her own).

Naturally, we can all do terrible things and not just to eggs. Especially when nobody is looking. But, for lots of good reasons we either don’t. Or, very rarely go into full-scale merciless brutality (unless of course, someone pinches our comfy chair. which is clearly taking things to an extreme).  

The main culprits are those mongrels with a lack a conscience  who read Sadistic Weekly on a regular basis. Not nice. Not good. 

They include your bog-standard mongrel who dreams of blowing up stuff for their jollies. Or ruining people's lives just to see what happens.

While, the rest of us watch on in shock, they're gunning it. And the results aren't pretty. 

Today, the Internet is chockers with  ogre-ish trolls, dodgy so and so's, and a seedy assortment of miserably brutal sods.

That’s not quite how happy google, yee-haa yahoo, or fun times facebook make it out to be, of course. They'd rather sweep all the pests under the carpet. Make the Web look a happy homepage, complete with armfuls of kittens and puppies looking sweet in a sunny landscape of lush green grass.

But to be fair, nasty types are scattered everywhere. Busy bullying, and being horrible, they're on the job from the moment they're up. And obviously it's tough. But they figure somebody's got to do it.

So, apart from keeping away from known nuisances, you've got to keep an eye out for wandering dodgy-brothers who happen across your path. That means having a plan. Being prepared. Not making yourself a target (as in painting concentric red circles across your body). Not a good move.

Not that you can troubleshoot these jokers away anyway. You can't. The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back. And all the scientific research suggests that is very hurty, hurty, hurty!

Bottom line (And there normally is a line at the bottom. At least vertically): life deals a mixed hand. You've got to play it the way you see it. Watch out for the 20% who are on the take and ready to piddle in your beer. 

Then remember the upside. There are 80% of people out there who are good to be with.

Stick with them. Quietly move your chair away from trouble. Probably pick the seat that doesn't make that horrible grinding sound as you drag it. Or, better still, don't be so lazy and pick it up properly. For goodness sake! 

The more astute can tell by now that I'm obviously no criminologist. Too scary. I've got my limits. Usually set at the level where the prospect of pulling off bandaids is seriously traumatic. 

But that's okay. You're allowed to be a coward. Just remember that 80% of people are rather nice to spend time with. And if you come across one of the 20% mob, keep a firm grip on your ice-cream cone and beat a polite but hasty retreat without looking like you're running.


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