You Can’t

You Can’t

C’mon, you can’t. You cannot improve yourself. That’s just not possible.

Nor can you build better relationships with your family. Ridiculous! To think you can build bridges with the people closest to you. Come on.

You can’t learn new ideas or discover fresh ways of thinking. Who could possibly manage that? You’d have to be superhuman, surely.

Oh, and you can’t improve your performance at work. That’s not going to happen. To even contemplate developing new skills or honing your practice to squeeze out a 5% improvement is beyond reason.

Face it. You can't improve. It’s not possible.

Face it. You can’t improve. It’s not possible.”

To believe that you can build your fitness just a bit or make time to do something else you enjoy… Fairytales.

Forget about educating yourself from now on (Stopped that when you finished school, remember?). New learning will just make your head overflow and start leaking out your ears.

Improve your dress sense?  Forget it! Enhance your unique style? You’re kidding, right? Don’t even think about it.

All talk about personal development, seeking new opportunities, or becoming more fulfilled by pitching in and helping out... can’t happen. All you can look forward to is more of the same. Improvement is… impossible.

Can you love someone more tenderly? Care more by listening more and telling a little less? Of course not!

The idea that you can find greater purpose and satisfaction in your life has got to be fiction.

Will you be able to do anything more with your waking moments?  Or, form a happier outlook with more confidence and peace?

All the 'can’ts' in the world (and our head) have already answered. But which is the one we choose to believe? 

What do you reckon?


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