What are Cookies?

Aside from being small tasty treats that are otherwise known as biscuits in some English speaking countries, cookies in this case are small text files used by websites to store user information. That’s stuff like login information, and site preferences or activity, which helps display the right content for the user.

For example, when a user logs into a site, user's details are kept in a cookie file created by their web browser. This file tells the site that the user is logged in. But for the most part, cookies are for scrounging up broad ranging information. Like, how many people in Moldova log on and what pages are funniest for Moldovans as a group.

Without cookies, the furry little blue guy would be out of a job at Sesame St and that’s not nice! So, we have to provide for small imaginary creatures that would frankly be lost without cookies.

That’s to say, yeah, we eat them (cookies, not the small imaginary creatures), and in a very general sense so do our hangers on (that’s Squarespace, Paypal, and Google AdSense).

We aren’t into scrounging personal details for jollies. In fact, doesn’t want to know your private details because that’s TMI (too much information). Besides which, it’s scammy, yucky, and not nice.

But, if it makes you feel more chilled and secure to live more secretly you can either: 1. Use a VPN (if your government allows you) 2. Switch off the cookies feature in your browser, or, 3. Use someone else’s computer! That’ll really confuse dodgy websites (Just be sure to tell your friend it was you who ordered that number with black suspenders).